Only No Deal Brexit Can Now Save the Tories – and Britain – from Annihilation

Here’s a poll that should terrify Conservatives:

Toby Baxendale@TobyBaxendale

Interested to know, Tory votes, would you vote Tory or for the Brexit Party in the potential Euros? Please r/t so we can get an accurate Poll to help Tory MP’s focus on the task at hand

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Over 20,000 people represents a pretty sizeable polling sample. And 92 percent is a significant majority of Conservative voters who will be seeking to punish their own party in the likely Euro elections by voting for one of their more strongly Eurosceptic rivals — either Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party (the only other option offered in this ad hoc poll) or UKIP.

The Conservatives are going to get creamed if and when the next Euro elections happen, of that there’s no question. Their natural constituency won’t easily forgive the party for betraying Brexit in the way that Theresa May and her Cabinet of Remainers have done.

But the bigger question is: what will happen when Conservative voters’ loyalties are tested in a general election?

It’s a very important question because on the answer depends the fate of Britain.

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