Petition & Campaign LAUNCHED over Peterborough by-election ‘FRAUD’

There has been a growing fallout over the Peterborough by-election with accusations that there was widespread tampering with high numbers of postal votes. There was also the presence of Tariq Mahmood on the night of the election with further evidence that he was involved with the overall campaign. Mahmood and others were jailed in 2008 for postal vote fraud with many questioning the significant number of ballots received by post and what appears to be the majority of them going to Labour.

As you can see below a tweet has gone viral prompting concerned members of the public to both write and communicate with the Electoral Commission over the result.
Likewise a petition calling for the investigation into the counting of Postal Votes has also grown significantly with 14,000 signatures received already.
The Petition reads:
Mary Gascoine started this petition to Men previously convicted on postal vote fraud employed by labour during this by election and 2 others .
Mohammed Choudhary, Tariq Mahmood, and Maqboor Hussain have all been previously convicted and served sentences for defrauding postal votes. Mohammed Choudhary has been allowed to canvas for votes in the June 2019 Peterborough By Election and has been pictured when results came through. Given past offences and a significant increase in postal votes giving labour the seat I demand that all postal votes are investigated fully.
As of yet The Brexit Party has not commented specifically on the issue but rather highlighted what they feel were slurs against them from The Labour Party accusing the candidate of unfair business practices.
However Stephen Bush in The New Statesman accused the Brexit Party of being UKIP 2.0 and that they were playing ‘dog-whistle’ politics to deflect from their not winning:
The Brexit Party left Peterborough the same way Ukip left Eastleigh, and Wythenshawe, and Newark, and Middleton: clutching a silver medal and snarling about postal votes and the ethnic vote.
It attests to two things: the extent to which the Brexit Party is just Ukip rebranded, with the same strengths and the same weaknesses, and to its tendency for belligerence in the face of electoral disappointment.