PM Corbyn Would Be a ‘Danger to Our Country’, Says Ex-MI6 Chief

The former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) has said that, if elected, Jeremy Corbyn would be a security risk and represents a “danger” to the United Kingdom.

Britain’s former top spy, Sir Richard Dearlove, said this week that the far-left Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is tainted by his history of supporting Communist governments and radical terrorist organisations.

“Corbyn as Prime Minister, together with his current advisers, could be a present danger to our country,” Dearlove wrote in the Mail on Sunday.

“Corbyn and his closest associates are compromised by their past. The political company they have kept has been authoritatively documented,” he added.

Sir Richard warned that Corbyn would “bypass” the standard security vetting procedures if he were to be democratically elected and therefore urged Labour Party voters to abandon the socialist leader.

“Labour Party members and supporters, if they cannot bring themselves to vote for another party, should choose to abstain, expressing their regret at the absence of an untainted Labour politician who could be in Corbyn’s place,” said Dearlove.

The far-left Labour Party leader has long been criticised for his support of radical terrorist organisations. In 2017, it was revealed that MI5 had opened a file on Corbyn in the ’90s, amidst concerns that he would represent a national security risk.

The UK domestic security agency opened the file on Corbyn in response to his support for a member of the Balcombe Street gang who embarked on a 14-month long bombing campaign, as well as his ties to an IRA bomb-maker.

Corbyn has also come under fire for his support of Communist governments, and his ties to radical socialist movements in Europe.

Last year, Breitbart London reported that a former Czechoslovakian spy claimed that Communist secret police gave Corbyn money to inform on Britain. According to the spy, the Soviet-backed secret service Statni Bezpecnost (StB) in Communist Czechoslovakia regularly received information from Corbyn.

These worrying links to enemies of the British state are what prompted the former head of MI6 to take an uncharacteristically political stand against Corbyn.

“His radical past portrays the truth about what type of politician he was, a political relative of the gang of Communist henchmen who created East Germany,” Dearlove warned.