Police Officer Majud Hussain Jailed for Sex Attack on Teen

An off-duty police officer who sexually assaulted a teenager while claiming to be a fireman named Matt has been given a seven-year jail sentence.

Majud Hussain, who denied the charges — claiming that one of his accusers ‘tried to have sex but he turned her down, according to local media — was found guilty of four sexual offences at Nottingham Crown Court.

In the early hours of July 17 last year after finishing his shift at Leicestershire Police, where he had been a firearms officer and worked in CID, the 41-year-old spotted two teenage girls at traffic lights and asked if they were ok, the jury heard.

Welcoming the pair, aged 14 and 17, into his car, Hussein took them both to McDonald’s before taking the younger one home, where he briefly spoke to her mother, telling her he was a fireman named Matt, according to the Leicester Mercury.

When the married father-of-four returned to his car, where he had left the older teenager, he touched her thigh and leaned into the back seat, where the 17-year old alleged he “forcibly pulled my leggings and pants down”.

With her mobile phone battery almost flat, the girl issued a plea to be taken home, the court heard. Hussain made her the offer of a phone charger in exchange for a sexual favour, which she refused before he proceeded to carry out a sex act out on her anyway.

Hussain was convicted of two counts of sexual assault and two counts of assault by penetration, with the latter charges relating to a 17-year-old who mistakenly thought he was a taxi driver waiting outside a nightclub.

When questioned over his telling the girls he was a fireman named Matt, Hussain had previously told police that the teenagers must have misheard his nickname ‘Maj’, and misunderstood ‘firearms officer’ when he reported his job, said prosecutor Rebecca Herbert.

He then claimed to be known as ‘Matt’ to some people, and that the police advised officers not to tell people about their job.

“This case is about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, about a vulnerable teenager who fell victim to the predatory behaviour of a man whose job is to help,” she said, telling the court that Hussain was “a serving police officer who went looking for sex with young girls”.

“This is a man who had done a shift as a firearms officer, protecting the public, who had no intention of going home to his family that night,” she added.

Ordering Hussain sign the sex offenders’ register for life, Judge James Sampson told the disgraced policeman he was “clearly a disgrace to the uniform of police officers and you are obviously unfit to be a police constable”.

“That evening you were looking for a woman to have some sort of sexual encounter with. You didn’t care whether she was going to consent or not,” he said, telling the defendant: he “took advantage” and “didn’t care whether she was going to be capable of consenting or not”.

“You took advantage of the girl who was 17 at the time. You were just so overbearing that she just gave in,” stated the judge, adding: “You have shown absolutely no remorse whatsoever.”