The politicians have put the ‘human rights’ of terrorists before the safety of the British people yet again.

Senior Tories and Leftists have been outraged by the Home Secretary’s co-operation with US authorities which intends to put on trial two ISIS murderers.

The cases of the two Islamist savages – one a Muslim convert from London and the other a refugee to Britain – are unusual because neither are in British custody, neither are currently on British soil and have both been stripped of their citizenship.

The Home Office has merely provided US authorities with intelligence on the terrorists.

But this hasn’t stopped out-of-touch, do-gooder politicians from interfering with justice on the grounds that the so-called ‘ISIS Beatles’ – responsible for beheadings and the murders of British and US captives and aid workers – could face the death penalty if found guilty in the US.

Reintroducing the death penalty as an option for judges in extreme cases – such as terrorism and child murder – has been a BNP policy since the Party’s formation in 1982.

It’s a policy which remains popular with the British public but the political class, of course, have been entirely out of step with the British public since the 1960s.

The BNP firmly believes that terrorists forfeit their ‘human rights’ the moment they plot to massacre innocent people.

After Brexit, Britain can reinstate the capital punishment – read the BNP Ten-Point Plan to Counter Islamist Terror here.