Pressure grows on May to quit as PM

by Westmonster

There is increasing talk of Theresa May being asked to step down as Prime Minister for the good of the country this weekend. Having attacked No Deal instead of using it as a Plan B, May has no negotiating leverage with the EU and has subsequently been left attempting to sell MPs the exact same rotten deal all over again.

Several senior government sources are quoted in the Sunday Times, with one Cabinet Minister saying: “I don’t believe there is a single one of us who thinks it’s a good idea for her to stay beyond June.”

And another has said of May: “She’s run out of road.”

There is talk of May resigning in return for MPs backing her deal and whether Ministers will collectively tell May that she must go.

This isn’t new. Bloomberg reported last month that “politicians at the highest levels of her own government” want her to go sometime in the next few months.

Things have got to the stage where the likes of Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt are reportedly preparing leadership bids.

No one is expecting May’s deal to get through when MPs vote again next week. One MP has said of the situation: “It’s bloody bad.

“It will be in the same sort of ballpark as January unless something changes. We are at Defcon 2.”

The current situation is not sustainable. The country badly needs fresh leadership. Will May go and make way for someone who actually believes in Brexit?

Edit:- Theresa May has always been a remainer and is still pussy-footing around to stall the wishes of the people. As for a “Backstop” for just Northern Ireland, there is no need for one and we the people did not vote for one, we leave without a “Backstop” – lest we have “backstops” all over the country for Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leeds and anywhere else. It is a ridiculous argument that we should have a “backstop”. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and therefore we did not partition Northern Ireland from these discussions on leaving without a deal.

Who voted for a ‘Deal’ in the referendum anyway, I certainly didn’t see any mention in the referendum on do you want fries with that or do you want a deal with that! We leave the EUSSR on March 29th 2019 and that is the end of that!