Resistance against UN Migration Pact is increasing rapidly in Europe

Rejection of the UN Migration Pact Increases. With many of the mind that it should be stopped, the UN Migration Pact has been determined by legal experts as the thin end of the wedge as the UN could at any time once agreed change it from non-binding to binding.

The current list of European member states withdrawing support is growing. The latest country to reject the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is Slovakia, joining ranks with Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland and hopefully Italy.

The agreement is set to be formally approved in December 2018 in Morocco. Also, in Lithuania critics fear that the pact will increase irregular migration and restrict state sovereignty.

The Lithuanian parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs has doubts and has requested additional information fearing that the pact will lead to an increase in illegal migrant flows and leave countries with less power to implement their own migration policies.

“Before sending the interior minister to vote in favour of it, the government must analyse the concerns of many of our very good allies, such as America, Israel and most of Central European countries.

The Baltic countries have a lot of concerns,” Conservative MP Zygimantas Pavilionis, a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, said Friday.