Russia issues stern warning to US over intent to invade Venezuela

By Al Masda

The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a stern warning to the U.S. administration over their intent to militarily intervene in Venezuela.

Russian Vice Minister of Defense, Colonel General Alexander Femin, said on the sidelines of the VIII International Security Conference that U.S. military aggression against Venezuela will have negative consequences for Washington.

The Russian defense official said if the U.S. were to invade Venezuela, it would rally regional countries around the government of Nicolas Maduro, contrary to what Washington thinks.

“We believe that the legitimate Venezuelan government, led by Maduro, should keep control of the situation and the armed forces are ready to repel a foreign aggression,” he continued.

According to Femin, Russia supports Venezuela within the framework of technical-military cooperation, adding that they have agreements that comply with the restoration of the combative disposition of its troops and the combat technique.

The Russian Federation has remained one of Venezuela’s key allies on the U.N. Security Council; they have also provided aid and military equipment to the South American nation.

The U.S. has condemned Russia’s ongoing support for the Venezuela government; they have encouraged countries to close off their airspace to Russian planes so that the latter cannot resupply the Bolivarian Republic.

This article was originally published by Al Masda



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