Santander Bank in the UK are declining Debit Cards which are used for “Subscriptions” as this commits the bank to long term payments. One off payments seem to go through alright, but not anything that is a “Subscription”.

Having a chat on the phone to one customer service rep in the UK of Santander Bank, they have now gone adament any more “Subscriptions” will have payments declined.

It would seem to me that Santander will be leaving Britain before Brexit on 29th. March this year to resettle in the Eurozone long term, payments for monthly services by British customers will seemingly not get paid therefore.

As most people in Britain have these recurring payments for water, gas, electric and even in some cases, the RENT and local council charges, it could leave many British customers in dire peril of the County Court Bailiffs.

Santander Bank in the UK want to come clean as to why they refuse peoples Debit Cards when it is the clients own money they are spending, and does not belong to the bank to dictate which way the customers can use their money.

There are many other banks in Britain, go use another one instead – it is not assured you will be able to pay recurring bills in the future after Brexit.