Scotland Yard’s most wanted: Man accused of petrol station knife attack among fugitives named

A suspect accused of the near-fatal stabbing of a young man at a petrol station is among Scotland Yard’s 18 most wanted violent fugitives named today.

Ladie Girre, 24, of Hounslow, allegedly knifed the victim in his 20s on the forecourt in Isleworth, police said.

Ladie Girre

The injured man was then chased inside the shop in Twickenham Road while being continually attacked with a blade in the chest, stomach and abdomen.

At the time, the victim stumbled half a mile up the road to a hospital where his injuries were deemed life-threatening.

Miraculously, he recovered from the stabbing at around 4pm on September 1 last year.

The Met appealed for the public’s help in getting Girre, 15 other men and two women off the streets by releasing their names and mugshots.

One is suspected of an acid attack while several others are wanted for domestic violence, serious assault and robbery.

Detective Superintendent Lee Hill, behind the force’s second Wanted Week of Action, warned the public not to approach the suspects but to dial 999 immediately.

Top row, from left to right: Michael O’Leary, Billy Crook, Alex Dawkins, Alan Wheeler, Billy Sullivan. Second, from left to right: Mohamed Guetfi, Justin Emmanuel, Donna Rowsell, Ewa Chrzanowska, Michael Davy (Metropolitan Police)

He said: “Violence, drug and other priority crimes such as burglary are of great concern to the communities of London.

“We are committed to tackling them robustly and pursuing those we suspect to be involved in causing harm and attempting to evade justice. Help us to keep London safe.

“Enforcement operations and investigations are in place to locate wanted suspects but the public can help significantly.

“Please get in touch if you know or see any of the individuals featured or you have information that could help locate them.”

Scotland Yard’s most wanted

1) Ladie Girre, 24, of Hounslow, wanted for GBH.

2) Justin Emmanuel, 27, of Finsbury, is wanted on suspicion of actual bodily harm after a victim was repeatedly punched, beaten with an umbrella, hit with a pan and smashed over the head with a glass picture frame at flat in Camden in May.

3) Billy Crook, 23, of Peckham, is also wanted on suspicion of ABH for allegedly assaulting an ex-partner and threatening to visit her Holland Park address to kick her door in August last year.

4) Jermaine Noon, 29, of Camden, is a suspect in a wounding that happened in a shop in 2018.

5) Daniel Cawley, 27, of Bounds Green, is being sought over a suspected drink-drive crash which left a victim with serious injuries in Edmonton in March 2018.

6) Kieran Power 34, of Sutton, is wanted for ABH over a February 2017 attack in which a victim was pushed and punched twice in the face, causing a broken nose and split lip in Thornton Heath.

7) Michael Davy, 36, of Peckham, is alleged to have assaulted four people – including a female – and is wanted for ABH in January this year.

8) Alan Wheeler, 29, of Romford, is wanted for breaching a court imposed non-molestation order in April this year.

9) Rabii Mahfoud, 25, of Wembley, is named over an aggravated burglary where a victim was assaulted in their home in 2017.

10) Ewa Chrzanowska 26, of Acton, is wanted over a September 2016 suspected acid attack where suspects forced entry to a home in Ealing and tried to remove a child.

11) Billy Sullivan, 41, of Harlow, is accused of GBH over a 2018 incident where an attempt was made to run over a victim with a car.

12) Stephen O’Callaghan 33, of Hammersmith, is being sought for a robbery where an ex-partner was grabbed around the neck and pushed up against the wardrobe door before her mobile phone and keys to her house and car were taken in Dulwich in April 2018.

13) Michael O’Leary, 41 of East Acton, is alleged to have robbed a woman and tried to kidnap her by dragging her into a vehicle in Southgate in 2017.

14) Mohamed Guetfi, 27, of no fixed address, is accused of being in possession of a blade during a 2016 burglary where victim’s vehicle was stolen.

15) Donna Roswell, 46, of Bermondsey, is wanted on suspicion of GBH after a victim was stabbed multiple times in the head and once in the arm.

16) Alexander Dawkins, 25, of Crystal Palace, is wanted for possessing an offensive weapon after men were seen fighting with a large a large Samurai style sword which was discarded in Westminster.

17) Nikita Panchenko, 17, of Enfield, is being sought for dangerous driving after a high powered motorcycle, believed to be on false plates, failed to stop for police in Tufnell Park in December last year.

18) Mohamed Idris, 24, of Wembley, is suspected of a robbery. A male mugging victim was pushed to the floor, repeatedly kicked and punched and had a watch removed from his wrist earlier this year.

Scotland Yard said the individuals are either suspected of being directly involved in crime, breaching bail or probation conditions or not turned up for court.

Det Supt Hill said he wanted to know where they lived, what cars they drove, where they did their shopping, even the pubs or clubs they drink in.

He added: “I know some people are reticent to pass on information such as this.

“We know people worry that they somehow might be identified or that they might unfairly be adversely affecting somebody’s life. 

“However, I want to assure you that passing on information through Crimestoppers who are entirely independent of the police, is completely anonymous.

“One phone call could help potentially solve or even prevent a crime from happening.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Or dial 999 if you see the suspects.