Signing Up For A Trade Treaty Did Not Mean We Agreed To Give Away Our Sovereignty And Democracy

The younger generation seem to believe we signed up to every treaty going in Europe, we  the people, did not sign up in 1975 for any more than a simple trade agreement to dispense with our tariffs for trade from Europe (there were only 7 nations then)  and they in Europe agreed to drop tariffs for goods from us. A simple trading agreement nothing more. But as we have seen over the past several decades traitorous politicians in various governments in Whitehall have gone behind our backs to sign up for more treaties which we, the people, never got a referendum on, this is treachery of the highest order. Those responsible are traitors to the country and should be taken out and hanged for their treason.

We definitely did not get a vote on Schengan, the treaty which says we must have UNLIMITED IMMIGRATION from Europe, we the people would never vote for such a thing, yet the treaty was signed by traitors to this country. We see mass immigration from other far flung parts of the world because when the Labour Party were in government for 13 years they not only sent our troops into a war which was contrived by the Jews in Israel together with the Pentagon in America, but the ministers in the Labour Government went out to the African and Asian countries begging for people to settle in Britain!

We have barely any room for ourselves and our younger generation as it is and the Labour Marxist Trots, who want to be part of the EUSSR across the Channel, said “come on to Britain, we will give you free health care, give you jobs and housing and free schools to educate your children, bring your old parents too we will look after them with a pension!”

See the traitors in parliament right now, mouthing out on staying in the EUSSR, run by other marxists who have never been voted for and do not represent anybody else but themselves, you will see quite clearly the traitors to our country spouting off about staying in the new Soviet, which you, the people, voted into parliament, are you still going to vote for them at the next General Election, which will be soon?

Are we in Britain so mentally retarded because of FLOURIDE not only in our toothepaste but in our mouthwash as well (read the label on the back of a bottle of LISTERENE, it clearly states writ large “contains flouide”!)  FLOURIDE is a neurotoxic and is killing the brain slowly but surely.

This is the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda by the Zionist Bilderberg Group who OWN most influencial politicians in the world as they own most of the news media to put out their own spin on everything under the Sun. (I NEVER read newspapers!) Nor should you!

The only websites worth reading  on the internet are listed in many directories online under “ALT MEDIA”, there you will read what is really going on, so read that instead. You will read of medical scientists who have put their careers online for speaking out about the massive VACCINE DAMAGE being caused by corrupt vaccine makers, we as a specie have never needed vaccination, we thrive and survive by taking in germs as a child, catching flu and other airborn bugs and building up our immune system naturally, we do not need vaccination. There too, are scientists telling you how lethal 5g is, go read and tell me YOU want 5g outside your childs school! (One school in the USA had these 5g transponder poles erected outside their school gates only to have ALL the schoolchildren fall ill together en masse.) On seeing this happening, the company that put up these poles very qucikly and as fast as lighning, took them down again. I wonder why?

Most of the scientific community know 5g is like living INSIDE A MICRO-WAVE COOKERit’s not healthy!

If you want to read more “ALT NEWS” go to Google Search and type in “ALT MEDIA” or “ALT NEWS” and go read your brains out!