Soon Your “Credit Score” May Reflect Thought Crimes

by Henry Makow PhD

I recommend Paul Joseph Watson’s video on China’s “social credit” system, which is Orwell’s 1984 powered by technology. Like the US, China is Jewish-controlled.
This is a harbinger of our dystopian fate.
We already have a “social credit” system — it’s called a credit score. Try to enact any business once you get on the wrong side of the banking system. You will discover you are a non-person.  As Paul Joseph Watson notes, we are witnessing credit creep. Conservatives are being denied access to commerce and, someday even their own “money” as foretold in Revelations.  
This is the future because social credit is an extension of credit. All money is credit extended by the Satanist (Communist) central bank cartel guaranteed by our government. There are billions of transactions every day. No “money” actually moves. All that changes are digits on a giant ledger kept by the Rothschilds and their franchisees, our banks.
“Money”is actually a mental construct denoting value. Currency is just coupons for this mental construct. It is a medium of exchange which the bankers created in the form ofa debt to themselves. Governments could do this themselves without incurring debt or interest.  Money is just a game of “pretending.”It runs on “confidence” working only so long as the illusion is maintained. People will accept “money” as long as they know they can spend it.
Essentially, the people who hate us most — Satanists– control “credit”the vital lifeblood of society. They are like the sun in our solar system. These crooks have finagled our national credit cards and now must enslave us mentally before we take it back. They distract us with trivia and sports and control information and discourse.
Unfortunately, they may also have some occult Jewish Messianic reasons for doing this.  Their accomplices are Freemasonry and Organized Jewry expressed as Zionism, socialism, feminism, Communism and liberalism.
The bottom line is thatwe are their prisoners. They control everything because everyone needs their “sunshine” to survive.  They control the corporations that finance our political leaders, the media, the education system, the legal system, the military etc. This is why we have entered a clown world where common sense, natural law and our heritage are inverted or dismantled.
Just as they are targetting conservatives, they could target society as a whole if it ever mobilized for change. They could figuratively shut off the lights.
In the past, they would get another client state to declare war. Today, they easily could start a financial crisis to punish people for wanting freedom and self-government.
The bottom line is that they must be persuaded to return control of credit to national governments. Will anyone volunteer to negotiate with them?
Note: Since so much information is disinformation, I prefer to depend on my intuition. If I am in error, please advise.
For a very long time, the (Satanic) Alpha Lodge has used Australia as a testing ground. Australians will have facial recognition system cameras and a social credit system by 2040, but probably well before. Already Perth City Council is installing Chinese manufactured facial recognition cameras. The aim is to revert Australia to a large, open-air prison where Aussies feel safe. New Zealand will also become a Chinese Special Economic Zone because that sounds better than ‘colony’.
There’ll be hierarchy and order because given the correct stimuli the sheeple will continue to control to themselves. Australia and New Zealand are far too good for human trash and this century has been dedicated to the Chinese Imperium.