SPLC Parasites Get State Department Official Put on Leave for Being White Nationalist

The filthy scumbags of the SPLC have managed to get a man put on leave from the US State Department for his white nationalist beliefs.

NBC News:

A State Department official whom a civil rights group outed as an alleged white nationalist had been placed on leave, sources said Thursday.

The news about Matthew Q. Gebert, 38, came a day after researchers from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch program revealed he allegedly used the pseudonym “Coach Finstock” on white nationalist forums and hosted parties at his Virginia home for like-minded individuals.

The two U.S. officials familiar with Gebert’s situation who confirmed to NBC News that he is on leave declined to say when he left his desk or speculate on when, or if, he might return.

Gebert, a foreign affairs officer at the Bureau of Energy Resources, has not returned several emails for comment about his case and he does not have a phone number listed for his home in Leesburg, Virginia.

Hatewatch researchers were able to link Gebert to “Coach Finstock” by tying several Twitter accounts operated with some form of that handle to him, and by playing samples of his voice from appearances as “Coach Finstock” on white nationalist podcasts such as “The Fatherland” to people who know him.

The SPLC is on a crusade to unmask “white nationalists” in prominent jobs and get them fired. The SPLC does this because it’s a subversive anti-white communist hate group hell-bent on ensuring that a white genocide happens in America. Their singular goal is to silence whites who voice displeasure with the fact that they’re being racially replaced by non-white foreigners.

So how does this work? Believing something that communists don’t like now gets you fired from your job? Is anyone safe from this witch hunt? If you work at MacDonalds and post white nationalist views on Facebook, can you now be fired for doing so? Isn’t that pure discrimination based on political beliefs?

Communists and Antifa types obviously aren’t facing the same persecution. You can be an open Antifa supporter and call for the death of cops and white people, and will most likely not lose your job or face any serious consequences for doing so. That’s because Totalitarian Marxists are in control of the culture and have a strong foothold in both the media and academia. These leftist radicals ARE the establishment. They have the Democratic Party, Hollywood, most major corporations, most of the media and most of academia on their side, yet they’re trying to convince people that they’re revolutionary underdogs fighting against entrenched “fascism”.

To them Donald Trump is somehow proof that “racists” control America. Trump is literally one man against the world. He has virtually nobody helping or supporting him besides his loyal voter base and a few personalities on Fox News and in his administration. Other than that, the entire political and media establishment, including much of the cucked out Republican Party, are trying to have him deposed. The reason being that he’s a populist-nationalist and anti-globalist with a strong implicit white identity. That’s not allowed, goyim.

But Trump needs to do more to put an end to these Totalitarian Communists and their censorship campaigns. He recently tweeted that he was considering putting Antifa on the terror list. He should consider adding the SPLC to it too because they’re terrorizing ordinary white Americans who simply want to live in peace amongst other white Americans, forcing them out of their employment and effectively into poverty. That’s terror, folks.