Swedish Politician Says Govt Has Lost Control After Huge Stockholm Bombing

Swedish Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson has slammed the ruling Social Democrats, saying the government has lost control of the country after a huge explosion rocked a Stockholm residential area.

Mr Kristersson noted the rise in the number of explosions and bombings across Sweden, citing figures from the Crime Prevention Council (Bra) that revealed the country suffered 230 bombings in 2019 alone.

“Unfortunately, this government has lost control of what is happening in Sweden. Now in the morning, we woke up again to news of bombs and explosions, this time in Stockholm’s inner city and in central Uppsala,” Kristersson wrote in an op-ed for newspaper Aftonbladet.

“The situation has thus escalated sharply and according to the police, there is no international equivalent,” Kristersson said, and went on to blame migration and integration policy as two of the many reasons for the current situation.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has previously denied any link between mass migration into Sweden and the rising levels of gang crime.

“The segregation is because there is too low employment and too high unemployment in these areas. But that would have been the same regardless of who had lived there. If you put people born in Sweden under the same conditions, you get the same result,” Löfven inisted in November 2019.

Kristersson demanded that the government focus on hiring more police officers, double the sentences for gang-related crimes, and eliminate discounts on sentences.

“The conditional release rules need to be tightened and legislation changed so that more foreign nationals are expelled to their home countries. In addition, the penalty must be sharpened for those caught with explosives in public places,” he added.