“The Day Israel Attacked America”

Extensive Interviews with USS Liberty Survivors’ – Audio tapes obtained by award winning British film maker Richard Belfield prove what every USS Liberty survivor, former Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer have said all along: that Israel deliberately attacked an American ship.

The plan was to sink it, blame Egypt, and draw the US into the Six Day War on the Israeli side, but the heroism of the Liberty crew in fighting ship damage, often while wounded, prevented it from sinking with all hands.

The tapes are featured in “The Day Israel Attacked America” by film-maker Richard Belfield, whose previous production credits include National Geographic TV and Discovery Channel.




Jihadists kill 21 Syrian soldiers in northwest: monitor

At least 10 civilians killed in Syria air strikes

Militants shell 9 settlements in Syria’s Latakia province in last 24 hours

Idlib: Update from Peter Ford, Former British Ambassador to Syria

6 Iraqi security men killed in armed attack in Salahuddin

Iraq: 6 IS militants killed in airstrike.

5 PKK “terrorists” killed in northern Iraq

Coalition warplanes kill IS militants, destroy hideout in Anbar

Saudi Arabia secretly purchased ballistic missile technology from China: Report

UAE, Norway, Saudi Arabia take ship ‘sabotage’ incident to UN: Despite US insistence of Iran’s guilt, three countries did not say who they suspect is behind naval mine attack

UAE, Norway, Saudi Arabia Claim Limpet Mines Used in Tanker Attacks Were Deployed by Divers – Report

Manufacturing consent for war on Iran U.S. commander says American forces face ‘imminent’ threat from Iran

Manufacturing consent for war on IranIran “Could” Produce Nuclear Weapons in 6-8 Months, Warns Former IAEA Deputy

Netanyahu meets with former IAEA deputy director-general

Rotten tothe core: Netanyahu fails to get postponement of corruption court hearing: reports

Iran’s Khamenei: US Middle East peace plan a ‘great betrayal’“The aim of this conference is to realise America’s traitorous, dastardly plan on Palestine, which they have named the ‘deal of the century’,” Khamenei said

Abbas approved 67% pay rise for PA officials despite West Bank economic collapse

Israel’s interference in 2016 US election to be probed by Senators


Egypt Kills 14 Suspected Militants After Sinai Attack

Sudan crackdown: Saudis ‘gave green light’ for assault on protesters: Council head discussed plans to destroy protest camp during trips to Saudi, the UAE and Egypt

Power to the Sudanese people: Protesters are not just battling the military regime, but its international backers, too.

African Union suspends Sudan over military crackdown


Afghanistan- 4 civilians killed in landmine blast in Logar

China Grants 5G Licenses for Commercial Use Amid Cold Tech War: “The 5G technology will establish a new, fast, mobile and secure information infrastructure,” MIIT Minister Miao Wei said and explained that his country welcomes foreign companies to “participate actively” in its market.

Trump says tariffs on China could be raised by another $300 billion if necessary

Is China about to give America a ‘bloody nose’?

Boeing in Negotiations With China for Largest-Ever Jetliner Order – ReportBoeing and Airbus have been discussing orders for as many as 100 twin-aisle 787 Dreamliners as well as 777X planes, Boeing’s newest long-range aircraft.


Russia: Putin warns New START nuclear arms treaty at risk

Putin says Russia has most advanced weapons for its security, even if New START is nixed

Huawei To Help Russia Get 5G NetworkThe Chinese company Huawei has just inked a deal with the Russian telecom firm MTS to develop 5G technology inside the Russian Federation.

Major Chinese automaker Great Wall launches full-scale assembly plant in Russia

Turning its back on greenback: Russia slashes share of US dollar in international reserves

Nationalists hurl flares at Poroshenko’s home, demand his arrest for corruption

France promises a presence in the Pacific amid an anticipated ‘global confrontation’: France’s armed forces minister has pledged the country will remain committed to the Pacific region, as she warned of a “global confrontation” emerging there

Oops! New York Times corrects Skripal story, says no ‘dead ducks’ or ‘sick kids’ from ‘Novichok’


Police raid Australian public broadcaster over leaked Afghanistan war crimes documents

The Afghan FilesDefence leak exposes deadly secrets of Australia’s special forces, including incidents of troops killing unarmed men and children.

Is Australia the world’s most secretive democracy? Police raids on media are result of highly restrictive and intimidating laws, experts say


The End of Civilization May Begin in Just 30 Years, According to a New Harrowing Report:The threat climate change presents to humanity is increasing every passing year and will result in mass extinctions, according to the research

This Is Why 90% Of The Population Wouldn’t Survive: If a solar event like that of 1859 happened today the power grid would be wiped out and people would be left to fend for themselves.

US Army says it will have hypersonic missiles and laser weapons ready for combat by 2022

Inmate releases pictures of visibly skeletal Assange inside jail

YouTube to target extremist videos after pressure

Google confirms that advanced backdoor came preinstalled on Android devices


Argentina to Bolsonaro: ‘Your Hatred is Not Welcome Here’

US agents’ deployment to stem Guatemalan migration raises alarm

Putin: US Army Intervention in Venezuela Would be a Disaster: We do not approve, we condemn such actions, it is a disaster.

Leaked audio reveals Pompeo saying US has struggled to keep Maduro opposition united

Guaido Relies on Personal Astrologer for Political Guidance: The astrologer has built up Guaido’s confidence over the last few months, proclaiming the latter as the descendant of a sixteenth-century Venezuelan tribal chief.

Mexico meets migrants at southern border with armed forces

Morgan Stanley Sees Recession In Three Quarters If Trade War Escalates Further

Heavy Duty Truck Orders Collapse, Down 70% In May

Almost 80% of US workers live from paycheck to paycheck

Watch: Booming US economy is fake news

Homeless Population Jumps In L.A. County To Nearly 59,000

New York Offers Up Trump’s State Tax Returns—But One Lawmaker Stands in the Way

US House Dems move closer to holding Trump officials in contempt

Senate Intelligence Committee summons mysterious British security consultant

Steele cuts a deal with DOJ. Brennan in big trouble (Video)

NYT reporter: Sources say Christopher Steele worried DOJ inspector general will ‘throw him under the bus’

Opioid manufacturer Insys Therapuetics agrees to pay $225 million to settle criminal and civil investigations

Hackers seek ransoms from Baltimore and communities across the USThe people of Baltimore are under an electronic siege that has prevented residents from obtaining building permits and business licenses