The Happy Carefree Life of a Cultural Enricher

The young Irishman pictured here has been very naughty. Specifically he, along with two other Nigerians, raped and otherwise sexually assaulted a 14 year-old girl a few years back. The girl told police that the three accused took it in turns to pin her to the ground and forcefully have sex with her. She said she was still on anti-depressants and had suicidal ideation four years on as a direct result of the abuse.  A very serious offence, one for which an Irish offender would get ten years in the slammer at a minimum.

But these offenders are black, and Muslim. Right at the pinnacle of the Victimhood Hierarchy.  And they’re being tried in a Western court. So they walked. That’s right, they walked. Judge Mary Ellen Ring noted that the three men will carry a sexual offence conviction with them, which may “cause them not to get employment, or to lose employment.” She said this was punishment in itself and was likely to come back against them in many years to come. Yes, she actually said that. Judge, for a Nigerian parasite in welfare-rich Ireland work is just about the last thing he thinks about. What were the other mitigating factors? Akinade ‘showed remorse’ and was ‘co-operative with police’.

So there!

Akinade was due to be deported after the conviction but, wait for it, another bewigged imbecile not alone blocked the deportation but granted him asylum. Why? Because according to Justice Bernard Barton he was a ‘hot prospect for the future for Irish football’.  Not content with this the rapist then, with the help of publicly-funded hot-shot lawyers, got injunctions against five newspapers preventing them from publishing his name. And who presided over these cases? The same Justice Barton.

And did these splendid young gentlemen suffer the torment of guilt, sleepless anguished nights where their crimes came back to haunt them as feared by Judge Ring? No. In fact after the court case they took to social media to mock and abuse the victim. This by the way was in flagrant breach of a restraining order issued by the courts and for which breach they suffered no repercussions.

The happy carefree life of a cultural enricher in today’s Ireland.