The Lancet Slams U.S. Immigration Policy in Piece on ‘Refugee Health’

The ever more politically minded Lancet medical journal has taken a pause from bashing Italy’s populist government to criticize U.S. immigration policy in an appeal for open borders.

In an editorial this week, the once respected Lancet asserted that the “blatant nature of the Trump administration’s transgressions towards the vulnerable people it is required to protect is breathtaking” as “the most basic human rights of individuals” are being denied at the U.S. border.

The UK-based journal has evolved into the mouthpiece of the global left, warning of an impending climate Armageddon,” pushing gender theory, attacking the pro-sovereignty movement as “racist” and “xenophobic,” and committing itself to defending the “progressive agenda.”

The Lancet has now turned its sights on United States, attacking the Trump administration just as Democrat presidential debates get underway.

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Syrian Refugees Spreading Flesh-Eating Disease, Polio, Measles, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis 

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“It used to be the case that America was able and proud to demonstrate its record on refugee resettlement,” the editorial reads, while affirming that this is no longer the case.

“A leadership built on spiteful rhetoric towards those seeking a better life in a country of great opportunity and freedom has fallen further than anyone who brushed aside the xenophobia of the 2016 campaign trail could have thought,” it says.

“Even those who are only passingly familiar with the news will be aware of the perilous state of those detained in the so-called migrant camps, of the children separated from their parents at the border and lost in the system, and of migrants kept in solitary confinement and locked up without trial,” the article states.

Limitations on immigration are a mistake, the editorial suggests, while asserting that immigration is always a net good for the receiving nation.

“Immigration strengthens a country, but even among immigration-positive politicians, the argument is lost in a flurry of caps on numbers and a tacit agreement that the argument for immigration is already lost,” it said.

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Black Tory Candidate for London Mayor: Multiculturalism Turning Britain into ‘Crime-Riddled Cesspool’ 

Black Tory Candidate: Multiculturalism Turning UK into ‘Crime-Riddled Cesspool’

Shaun Bailey is under fire for saying multiculturalism is eroding Britain’s sense of community and turning it into a “crime-riddled cesspool”.

In its hunger to become politically relevant, the Lancet now engages weekly in unapologetic ideological propaganda as if George Soros, rather than Hippocrates, were the icon of the medical field.

Apparently, in the minds of the journal’s editors, leftist politics is sexier than medicine.