The One Million Pound Domain Name

Is your domain name for your website worth more?

Many domain names sold at auction can sell for $60 million.

Why is that you ask? Because these domains were registered by business minded people who saw a profit in buying them before they fetched high prices. They knew that anything with a .com domain would be found in the search engines before any other domain extension because Google fetches these .com domains in the search results first above any others. Therefore the amount of people that can click on any of these results can be in their millions a year making more money than other sites lower down in the search engine results pages.

With Brexit coming the domain “Great Britain” is worth a mint, no one else can register this name, it is already taken! Ideal name for a big London corporation it will be highly prized and is for sale by the owner currently.

Many other choice .com domain names are for sale by the owner with  solid “keywords” in the name which can fetch a lot of clicks on Google.

How many clicks and searches are there in Google for things like GOLD, JEANS, STOCKS, FINANCE, LOANS, BET, BITCOIN, JEWELS, PEARLS etc, etc.? Many millions of searches a year is the answer. Many Search Engine Optimisation experts will tell you, keywords begin in the domain name itself, then you are ahead of the herd looking for clickthroughs to your site.

Many choice domain names are available here: