Theresa May’s popularity sinks to an all-time low, YouGov poll finds

Theresa May’s popularity has fallen to an all-time low, a new poll has found following a dramatic week of political turmoil for the Prime Minister.

A YouGov favourability poll has found that the public is turning against the Prime Minister following the aftermath of the Chequers Brexit plan and the resignations that followed.

The study has found that Mrs May is now seen as more unfavourable than she was immediately after the snap general election.

YouGov said: “While it is not possible to directly determine how much the events of the past week are responsible for the change, as the last results are from early May and much has happened in that time period, it is clear that the public is turning against the Prime Minister.”

Only one quarter of Britons now have a favourable view of Mrs May, while a huge 62 per cent have an unfavourable view.

This gives the Prime Minister a net favourability score of minus 37 – her lowest ever.

In May, Mrs May had a score of minus 21 and following the general election she had minus 34.

The poll has reported that those turning against the Prime Minister appear to be Leave voters.

When compared to Boris Johnson, who made a shock resignation this week over the “Brexit dream dying”, Mrs May is still seen as more disliked.

Mr Johnson’s favourability score has not declined as drastically, YouGov found, as his score has fell to minus 29, after being minus 24 in May.

The poll found that Jeremy Corbyn’s favourability is not improving.

His popularity is declining too, as his favourability rating stands at minus 30, falling from minus 26 in May.

YouGov report that his favourability has been sinking since November last year.

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