Tommy Robinson and UKIP team up for march against Brexit betrayal

Tommy Robinson and UKIP are teaming up for a massive pro-Brexit march against the Establishment’s sellout of Brexit.

Tommy slammed Theresa May’s Brexit sellout as “biggest betrayal of a democratic vote ever” and originally planned a march for December 1st, but the date has now been changed from the 1st of December to SUNDAY 9th DECEMBER.

Activist Danny Tommo also revealed that UKIP have endorsed the event and Gerard Batten will be attending along with UKIP’s Lord Pearson, who sits in the House of Lords and described the event as “the beginning of a political revolution in this country”.

He said: “We have a huge amount of speakers, this will not be a quiet march, we’re gonna be making some serious noise about some serious stuff.”

He slammed the sellout Tories and attacked left-wing Labour adding: “The Labour Party is in turmoil and said, “The Tories are dead in the water.”

“Theresa May has sold us out to Europe, in fact, she is one of the Elites.”

Gerard Batten said that it is important “thousands and thousands” protest against Treason May.

The referendum victory was merely the first battle in the “war” to leave the EU, Batten said.