Tommy Robinson appointed UKIP advisor on prison reform and rape gangs

UKIP leader Gerard Batten has appointed Tommy Robinson as “Special Personal Advisor On Rape Gangs & Prison Reform.”

The UKIP Member of the European Parliament for London said:

“I have appointed Tommy Robinson to be a personal special adviser on two subjects which he has great knowledge.”

UKIP had been in talks over whether to allow Mr. Robinson to join, however the party’s ruling body, the National Executive Committee (NEC) declined to allow his motion on the all members ballot.

Gerard deferred to their decision and Tommy “accepts” it. Given the enormity of Tommy’s following, it would have brought the right-wing parties together and though perhaps some UKIP members would have left, the massive increase in numbers would have greatly increased and strengthened UKIP’s voter base.

Mr. Batten said, “It is not necessary for him to be a party member in order to assist me in this role. I am looking forward to working with him.”

Watch Tommy Robinson speaking about his life and background at Oxford Union. He also talks about how his cousin’s cousin was groomed and raped.