Torched cars & firebombs: French city hit with 4th night of anti-police violence

Macrons French “Republic” – in flames!

Rioters torched cars and hurled Molotov cocktails from the rooftops as the French city of Grenoble saw the fourth consecutive night of unrest, sparked by the death of two teenagers in a police chase.

Footage filmed by Ruptly shows vehicles engulfed in flames after they were overturned and torched by rioters in Grenoble, southeastern France, with firefighters and police deployed at the scene.

Wednesday marked the fourth consecutive night of the unrest rocking the city. The new round of riots erupted at around 9pm. Local media reported that people were seen throwing stones and Molotov cocktails from the rooftops at the police officers.

The violence, mostly centered in the city’s Mistral district, was sparked by the death of two young men, aged 17 and 19. The teenagers were killed during a police chase on Saturday when they collided with a coach while driving a stolen scooter. The rioters blamed the police for their deaths.

During the previous nights, the rioters launched firecrackers and threw petrol bombs at the police officers who, in turn, used tear gas to quell the violence. At least 65 vehicles were burnt during the unrest.

ALSO ON RT.COMFrance faces third night of riots after two teens die in police chase (VIDEOS)In contrast to the violence, around 2,000 people attended a peaceful march in memory of the two teenagers who died in the police chase.

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