Tories drop 10 points, below 30% in latest BMG poll

by Westmonster

Yet another truly dire poll for the Conservative Party, with BMG tracking them down by 10 points in under a month. Pretty bloody grim.

The poll from early April has the Tories on 29%, down 10, with Labour also down but leading on 31%.

Meanwhile the anti-Brexit ‘Change UK’ are on 8% and the LibDems are also on 8%.

UKIP are on 7% meanwhile, with Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party on 6%. Though with European Elections on the horizon, these numbers could well go up.

This backs up an equally bad Kantar poll for the Tories that had them down 9 points and trailing Labour as well.

Theresa May’s pathetic performance as Prime Minister is now clearly boosting Jeremy Corbyn. Are Tory MPs going to take action or allow this to go on?

EDIT: It won’t help the Tory government any good with the news this morning of the arrest of Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy, I expect the polls to reflect this sooner rather than later.