Tory Association plans emergency meeting for ‘No Confidence’ in May

by Westmonster

Conservative Association has called an emergency meeting to push for a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May. Tory anger is growing.

Gareth Baines, Chairman of the Clywd South Conservative Association, tweeted yesterday: “Clwyd South Conservatives Constituency has convened an Emergency General Meeting on the 24th April, one item on the agenda: no confidence in Theresa May.

“Regrettably – for the first time ever – I’ll be voting that I have no confidence in my leader.”

It comes as Conservatives hit out at May’s plan to stitch-up a Brexit deal with Jeremy Corbyn and potential European Elections that may follow after the PM chose to delay Brexit.

The Chairman of the East London Conservatives, Dinah Glover, said at the weekend“They just don’t have that commitment – they’re just not going to put weeks of their lives on hold to campaign for something they don’t believe in.

“Going out to campaign would be giving a very literal example of the fact that we are still in the EU. It’s not sustainable. The mood is not good and not positive.

“The deadline for leaving the EU has been extended and the message that sense out is appalling – we’ll actually be proposing putting MEPs back into the European Parliament when we voted to leave on 23 June 2016. It just shows democracy has failed.”

Hardline Remainer MP, Dominic Grieve, recently faced the wrath of local Conservatives and suffered a vote of no confidence locally after doing everything possible to block a No Deal Brexit.

Conservative MP John Redwood has called for the UK to leave the EU this week without further delay: “Just leave this week. That would work well. It’s called democracy. Mrs. May is losing huge support by failing to implement Brexit, to get control of our money, laws and borders as promised. Her Agreement is one very long and expensive delay to exit.”

But instead of leaving on WTO terms, the Chancellor Philip Hammond is talking up the prospect of a second referendum. Absolutely dismal. Grassroot Tories are right to be furious.