Tory MP: May toast by Friday if she agrees 12-month Brexit delay

by Westmonster

Conservative MP Henry Smith has warned Theresa May against agreeing a further Brexit delay, insisting that she could be gone by Friday if she goes along with the EU’s push for a further lengthy Article 50 extension.

Speaking to LBC this morning, Smith said: “This will go down extremely badly, if the Prime Minister is serious about seeking a 12-month delay.

“We’ve already had almost three years since the people of Britain decided, with clear information and decisively, that they wanted to leave the European Union.”

He pointed out how such a move to delay again “will go down extremely badly amongst the electorate as a whole” with the British public seeing their “democratic choice being removed and disrespected”

When asked by Nick Ferrari if Theresa May would be toast by Friday if she went along with the delay, Smith answered directly: “Yes.”

“I think all credibility will have gone from Theresa May if she seeks  a 12-month extension,” he said.

And in a departure from the government, who now seem desperate to pass any EU deal no matter how bad, Smith also pointed out that: “No Deal better than a bad deal and would deliver on what the British people have said that they want.”

How much longer are Tory MPs willing to let May’s charade continue for?