Tory Party in CHAOS as leadership candidates CLASH over Brexit!

As the Tory party leadership gets into full swing, a key stance that has caused a lot of controversies is the candidates positioning on a no deal situation.

Candidates such as Ester McVey suggested that one option around such a situation would be to suspend parliament which would effectively prevent MPs stopping a no-deal Brexit, however on the other side of the fence the candidate Rory Stewart has suggested this would be illegal.

The Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has categorically stated this is not the case.

Many several Tory leadership candidates have been quick to shut this suggestion down. Nevertheless, candidates such as Dominic Raab have refused to rule out closing the House of Commons down early allowing the Government the ability to take Britain out of the European Union unhindered. Serina Sandhu of I news even suggested the Queen would be involved in Brexit at this point. This seems very unlikely.

Such a move to suspend parliament would set a drastic precedent. Dominic Raab suggested that he would not rule this out as it would “weaken” Britain in any further talks with the EU in the coming months.

It should be remembered that towards the end of last month it was reported that the European Union had made a move to disband it’s negotiating team. This must be the clearest sign, yet that Mrs May’s negotiated deal really is not for renegotiation.

This comes as the Labour party today will bring a cross-party motion to the house tomorrow that would put MP’s in charge of Brexit and give them the ability to introduce legislation to block a no deal Brexit.

Rory Stewart was first out of the blocks saying “instinct is I’d be wholly supportive of a move to do that”. However, with other candidates so far away from this stance it is difficult to believe that they are in the same party. It is difficult to see how the new leader of the Conservative party will be able to heal the evident fractures and ideological differences in the party.