UK could have ‘No Deal Brexit budget’ if Johnson becomes PM

by Westmonster

We could see a budget that includes tax cuts if the UK is heading towards a No Deal, WTO Brexit.

It could take place in September, with a new Chancellor. Sajid Javid’s name is now being thrown about as the potential man for the job.

Fellow Tory contender Jeremy Hunt has talked up his desire to “turbo charge” the UK economy – but said that he would only go for No Deal with a heavy heart. Brussels are unlikely to take that possibility with Hunt very seriously.

Leaving the EU without a deal is by far the most popular Brexit outcome among grassroot Conservatives.

When YouGov spoke to Tory members, 66% backed leaving the EU on WTO terms as their preferred way forward.

If he wins will Boris deliver at the end of October?

EDIT: If not he will soon be kicked out the public will not tolerate any more messing around.