UK’s EU contribution ‘surges by £2.6 billion in 12 months’

by Westmonster

The amount of money Britain is handing over to the European Union has surged by over £2 billion in the past year, according to a report this morning. Ridiculous.

Brussels was handed £15.5 billion in the year ending 31st March compared to £12.9 billion the year before, The Telegraph have revealed.

That’s an increase of 20%, with the UK still having failed to leave the European Union more than three years on from the referendum.

As a Treasury Spokesman explains: “Our contribution fluctuates between years depending on factors like economic performance and profile of EU spending. The amount goes up and down over the course of each seven-year agreed settlement.

“This figure is still within the forecasted EU budget.”

Utterly obscene that the UK is still handing such huge chunks of cash over. The sooner Britain finally leaves the Brussels bloc, the better.