UN Migration Agreement is Shengan In But Name Only

We in the United Kingdom have voted for NO MORE IMMIGRATION and NO MORE SHENGAN that we did not have a referendum on either.

We voted Brexit because we want no immigrants in this island nation and for the Prime Minister Theresa May to say she will sign the UN Migration Agreement is flying in the face of the British electorate and is a traitor to the people, she should be forced by her party to step down and have a leadership election immediately before it is too late.

This remainer Prime Minister is on her other agenda – the New World Order Agenda – to get rid of nationalist tendencies in the British Isles – it is not going to work. We British have always been nationalist it is a British trait of character and it is not going away any time soon because her “advisors” in the New World Order tell her to denounce it in any way she can. Including making the British people slaves to this New World Order agenda, whether you call it Shengan or UN Migration Agreement – we British will not tolerate this attitude by the likes of this Prime Minister that she will DICTATE to us what we will have to put up with.

We will not put up with her attitude much longer – she is definitley going!

Write to your m.p. that you want Theresa May gone and immediately – all the Tory m.p. are listed here:- https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

Blast them with emails as well, their email addresses are there also. Stand up for your rights and your democracy – or submit to unelected “commissars” dictating to you for life.

Tony Dean