David Furness of the British National Party (BNP) delivers a powerful speech about some common immigration myths.

Speaking at a BNP meeting in Bexley, David debunked several immigration myths which the mainstream media (MSM) promotes on a daily basis.

Immigration myth: We are a nation of immigrants
People who say “We are a nation of immigrants” are thinking that we’ve had immigrants in the past and therefore we should carry on accepting immigrants.

They will then mention the Romans, the Saxons, and the Normans.

Firstly, the Romans, the Saxons, and the Normans were not immigrants—they were invaders.

Secondly, just because a country has had immigrants in the past, it’s no reason to keep on having immigrants.

Immigration myth: Life began in Africa
Two social scientists started this myth in the early 1980s.

The academics had a theory that life began in Africa and they published their opinion in a scientific journal.

The mainstream media (MSM) then republished this immigration myth.