Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s ‘Pedophile Training’ Corroborates With Other Whistleblowers

by Joe Martino – Collective Evolution

In Brief

  • The Facts:

Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s description of ‘training’ she went through to perform sexual acts on Epstein’s island corroborates with other sex slave whistleblowers linked to high profile pedophile rings.

  • Reflect On:

This information is coming out, we cannot deny that any further. The question becomes when do we realize that those who govern the public at high levels are commonly involved in these sorts of acts?

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is the now 33-year-old woman who was a minor when Jeffrey Epstein and his associates would sexually abuse her on Epstein’s island. She is the woman who has come forward nearly two decades after she was abused,  filing a lawsuit against Ghislane Maxwell.

More documents, that could be released any day now, could reveal hundreds or more politicians and high profile figures connected to Epstein.

As Roberts has come forward, she has given many details with regards to how Epstein’s operations functioned. Included in her story was revelations of specific details around how she was trained by Maxwell at a young age to perform sexual acts.

“The training started immediately… It was everything down to how to give a blow job, how to be quiet, be subservient, give Jeffrey what he wants. A lot of this training came from Ghislaine herself.” Giuffre told The Miami Herald.

What struck me as so interesting about this story is that when we did a 4 part interview series with Anneke Lucas, a former sex slave who also witnessed satanic ritual abuse at the hands of high profile politicians and figures, was the corroborating stories of ‘training’ to teach young girls how to properly please the people they are about to engage with.

Like Virginia, Anneke spoke in deep detail about how inside the pedophile ring they would teach her to understand how to read various people and what they might want sexually without having to say anything. These are graphic details but highly important as we uncover the reality of the high profile people we put our trust in.

So I was taught, I was shown a lot of videos, or film, whatever, my eyes were pried open and I was made to watch, and I was made to watch people engaging in all kinds of sex acts, but I was made to watch their faces, and I was taught, it was systematic, it was very well done in that sense, that it was structured really well, so that I could start to understand that certain physical features, like, certain physical features are gonna mean that for that man’s genitals, for example, or looking at certain physical features, like, “That’s what that man likes sexually.” So I could see from looking at someone’s face what they like, and then looking at someone’s body, what they like sexually, what they are about sexually, what they need sexually, so that was most of it, that was most of this training.

Anneke reveals a great deal of details around what this elite pedophile ring functioned like and who the types of people involved were. We’re talking high profile figures people would recognize in America for example. Her testimony is incredibly important as it reveals so much about what the world is currently just learning about through this Epstein case. Further, we made sure we explored her healing journey through all of this, so that things didn’t end on a depressing and lack of solution note. Instead, we learn how to process these revelations through this interview.

Is Trump Involved?

This has been a big question for a lot of people, and fairly so. We looked into this ourselves as much as we could based on evidence available.

Our ‘bipartisan analysis’ if you will, as I know people try and put all political conversation into a box, on this is that it’s highly unlikely Trump is. I say this because he does not seem to be worried about how many documents are coming forward into public eye and how this story is unfolding. After all, like other politicians in the past, including Hillary Clinton, if he wanted to block or slow down this investigation, I’m sure he could. But of course, let’s stay open to all possibilities.

One other thing worth mentioning, if the majority of mainstream media is trying to focus this story on linking Epstein to Trump, that is also a bit of a giveaway that Trump is not actually involved. Our political analysis over the last two years on this should give some insight as to what that means. In short, the MSM has been warring with Trump since the beginning as certain powerful individuals seem to be afraid of Trump’s influence.

The Takeaway

The truth is coming out. That we cannot avoid as a collective. Turning our heads to the sand and pretending these stories are negative or bad news is the type of denial that keeps this stuff happening in our world.

The U.S. court of appeals will be releasing documents connected to more instances of sexual abuse by “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders” soon. When this happens, this conversation will expand even deeper.