Washington is Waging a New Dimension War Against China – and will Lose out Bitterly

By Peter Koenig

Once the all-encompassing chittering and chattering about tariffs on Chinese imports by the western corporate media subsided, Trump, egocentric businessman rather than the President of the Empire, “out of the blue”, one could almost say, under the pretext of ‘unfair’ Chinese trading, launches a new ferocious and as usual totally illegal campaign of aggression against China’s fast-growing economy. It’s aillicit campaign against Chinese competition, against Chinese unstoppable growth. It’s a tacit recognition of China’s emerging supremacy which the United States can only confront with fraud, deceit and illegal activities. And this only as long as Washington controls the western monetary system. This won’t be for much longer.

It’s an aggression against leading Chinese businesses and against China’s embracing a policy of a multi-polar world – through connection of entire continents, countries, cultures, joint research, education and agricultural, as well as industrial development – through transport lines, equal trade, respect for each other and recognition of people’s and countries’ comparative advantages by technical knowhow and bestowed by nature. It’s based on fair and equal interchanges. It’s the multi-trillion-yuan Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), also called the New Silk Road; an initiative launched in 2013 by President Xi Jinping during an official visit to Indonesia and Kazakhstan.

BRI consists by now of 6 land and sea routes, currently comprising some 152 countries and international organizations in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

This new Chinese economic behemothis tentatively projectedthrough the 2040’s. The BRI is all-inclusive and, thus, so strong, it was recently incorporated in China’s Constitution. However, it was largely ignored by the west, and especially by the western presstitute media – with the western “Vogel Strauss”politics of halfwits, ignore it and it will go away. Now the west realizes, it won’t go away – and it is tough competition for the falsely propagated west’s trade and economic superiority. Too late my friends. As I often said, by endless greed and thirst for power with impunity, of short-term rent seeking, of relentlessly provoked wars and conflicts, killing layers and layers of human societies throughout the world to bring opponents of this small diabolical elite to their knees, the west is committing slowly but surely suicide. This is nature. Nature will not only survive, but overcome and subordinate this luciferian approach to world domination. The future is in the east. Most definitely. There is no way back.

Among the first steps of the US’s new generation of aggression against China is Washington’s ordering its northern vassal, Canada, to arrest Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Meng Wanzhou, in transit, at Vancouver airport on 1 December 2018.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics manufacturer, headquartered in Shenzhen. Huawei is the world’s 7th largest telecommunication corporation and was founded by Ren Zhengfei, a former military engineer in the People’s Liberation Army, in 1987. Ms. Meng Wanzohou is the founder’s daughter and deputy CEO. Ms. Wanzhou is now accused of breaking the totally illegal sanctions against Iran by doing business with Iran. Washington, unabashedly puts one illegal action of their own – sanctions – over another one – taking hostage a lead person of a strong Chinese competitor, to coerce Huawei to abide by an illegally US-imposed rule – sanctions. It is an unbelievable catch-22 story. But even more unbelievable is that the dictate of the abusive Washington policies is still followed and even worse, that there are hardly any protests.

This is only possible without most of the western world saying “beep”, because they all still recognize – for now – the US as the self-imposed exceptional nation – the nation that makes and breaks laws as it goes along. – But how much longer?

Ms. Wanzhou, still in Canadian custody, at risk of being extradited to US “justice” (sic), may face 30 years in prison, for absolutely no illegal infraction – only by acting against what the US made up as a law – sanctions – that everybody has to adhere to, or else, they will themselves be subject to sanction. Can you see how sick our western system has become?

It is now a war without bombs. It’s become a war of economics, recognizing that a war with bombs and missiles the US could not win any longer – not that they ever did! – since Russia and China have developed technically far superior military equipment. Hence, the United States’ last trump (no pun intended) – is working their fraudulent monetary system to the last ditch.

Venezuela, one of the west’s only true and last democracies, has been aggressed for the last 20 years, peaking now, because she refuses to bend to the rules of Washington, abandoning her socialist ideology, handing over her natural resources – the world’s largest oil and gas reserves, to the empire’s usurping corporations, the same that have been usurping and enslaving the Venezuelan people for hundred years before President Hugo Chavez came to power in 1999 – and started changing the rules for the people, dismissing the usurpers and nationalizing the country’s resources for the benefit of the Venezuelan people.

Today the empire is waging a war on Venezuela, a war without bombs, a financial and economic war, where – thanks to the fraudulent monetary system that western societies embrace and have been willy-nilly accepting, and even today they don’t dare to openly object to it, the empire is applying the international illegality of all illegalities, “sanctions”, interference in another country’s internal affairs, blocking trade, monetary transfers, confiscating – i.e. stealing – billions worth of Venezuelan assets abroad.

Washington is coercing and blackmailing so-called US allies into doing the same, commiting lowly ‘highway robbery’. By now some US$ 40 to 50 billion equivalent throughout the world were blocked and essentially stolen, including 1.2 billion dollars of gold withheld in the London City of Money. By seizing Venezuela’s foreign assets and boycotting Venezuela’s hydrocarbon sales – Venezuela is in dire straits – but not in despair, not dying from famine as the western media would like you to believe. No – Venezuela manages with calm and pride – and solid solidarity.

A similar situation prevails in Syria, where the Syrian national army with the help of Iran, Russia and Hezbollah, has pretty much defeated the terror network of ISIS, Al Nusra et al.In other words, the US, NATO, western and Gulf states, vassal allies which have been – and still are – financing these terror organizations as proxies, have lost their war of bombs, their fight for ‘regime change’ – at least for now. We know, the empire won’t simply let go, only when it reaches its last breath. And that moment will come, sooner or later.

So, the bombs are replaced by economic shackles – blocking Syria from using the international monetary transfer system, from accessing international credit, from importing vital goods, medicine and medical equipment, food, industrial equipment and spare parts – all that a society needs to function, to rebuild their western-demolished infrastructure, all these vital goods and services are being embargoed by the west – while Syria has never done any harm to a western country – all to the contrary. Syria is the bedrock of western history, providing the west with brilliant intellects, scientists, university professors and offering a rich culture – the cradle of western civilization.

Syria is strategically placed – with access to five seas. President Assad’s “Five Seas Vision”, connecting strategically located Syria with the Mediterranean, Caspian, Black Sea, Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, “making Syria the unavoidable intersection of the world in Investments, transport and more” – this vision, plus the fact that President Assad is running Syria with a socialist philosophy and is as popular as always (70% – 80% of a highly educated Syrian population support their President), make Syria a perfect target for ‘regime change’. – Again, the continuation of a war without bombs, but killing all the same with a weaponized western economic system.

The most exasperating fact is – again – that the western allies, predominantly Europe, that is, their corrupt leaders (sic), participate in this atrocity in Syria, as well as in Venezuela – and throughout many other rebellious, non-submissive nations. This, largely against the will of the people. Though indoctrinated day in and day out by fake news, people start seeing the light.

Frankly – what else would you expect from Europe? – Europeans for hundreds of years have been exploiting, raping, abusing Asia, Africa and Latin America, killing hundreds of millions of people, while stealing their resources – which now can be seen transformed into European “culture”, religious monuments – castles of kings and queens and their dictators, who still walk this earth as parasitically as in ancient times.

When the European empires successively collapsed, they simply regrouped and transplanted their reign from the Old Continent across the Atlantic to build a new AngloZionist kingdom, but not before, again, massacring the original inhabitants of that once great land, called America. At that time the noble forefathers of this newly nascent empire felt secure between two shiny seas. But, hélas, times have changed. Attempting to emulate the grandeur of the Roman Empire, at one time calling their plan to Full Spectrum Dominance, “Pax Americana”, the association with “Pax Romana” became evident. Pax Romana were the three to four hundred bloodiest years of the Roman Empire, eventually collapsing under its own weight.

The big danger for the US-driven western criminal monetary and debt-driven pyramid system, is China, because China’s economy is based on hard economic output, construction, manufacturing, intellectual and scientific development, as compared to the US-driven western neoliberal profit-maximizing dogma with inflated services, one that outsources hard production to low-wage countries, foregoes long-term economic gains and institutional memory, for a GDP of hot air, McDonalds-type jobs, consumption of cheap and useless imports; and, of course, – a destructive war and killing industry.

That’s why Washington is hastily trying to elevate their lie and deceit campaign onto another level. Kidnapping Huawei’s Ms. Wanzhou, lambasting Europe to ban Huawei’s equipment form their markets, because it contains spyware, is just one example of a ruthless illicit approach to eliminating competition. On the other hand, Washington’s fading empire dares slandering President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative and, in a last desperate effort, blackmailing Europe, as well as African BRI-contenders, with more illegal sanctions – not to sign up to China’s New Silk Road.No matter that most of them have already done so. Italy clearly said they will soon sign an agreement with China to use Italian ports for BRI’s maritime routes. As to banning Huawei from Europe, Germany, for one, has already said they will not ban Huawei. Let’s hope others will follow Germany’s lead.

The Belt and Road Initiative is an unstoppable train – that left the station some five years ago and is on a projected route for the next 30-some years initiating peaceful socioeconomic development throughout the world. As a Chinese representative at the recent Cuban Conference for The Equilibrium of the World said – We are building bridges to connect people of all continents, while the west is building walls.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water.

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