Who Says Tony Blair Is Not A War Criminal?

by Tony Dean

The thirteen years of the last Labour Government are the most heinous years of British history!

We are hearing that Tony Blair will not be prosecuted for War Crimes in sending British troops to invade a non-beligerent country in the Middle-East – Iraq.

The Iraqui Government never declared war on Britain or anywhere else, so why invade such a non warlike country?

Only at the behest of the American Government!

We need to leave NATO, America seems to think that it is their army, navy and airforce to direct to wherever they want it all to go to wage war against any sovereign country who are no harm to anyone else. As for 9/11, this was an ‘inside job’ – to give credence to waging war anywhere in the Middle-East they wanted to destroy and steal their oil wealth, and Tony Blair is a part of that Zionist plot.

The inside story is that Mossad set the thermite explosives in all THREE buildings – although only two were hit by aircraft- the third one seems to have fallen down in sympathy with the first two! Are we that stupid? The owner of the three buildings was a Zionist entity who allowed this to happen and was well compensated by the insurance company so he lost nothing but over 3,000 people lost their lives.

The war in Iraq destroyed the country – it’s infrastructure – and wasted many lives including tens of thousands of peaceful citizens who waged no war on anyone, all to take out one man – Saddam Hussein.

Hundreds of British soldiers came back in body bags through Wooten Bassett and for what gain for the British people? They lost sons, nephews and uncles in that evil war and yet Tony Blair is not to be tried for war crimes?

I say we should vote only for a political party in Britain at the next general election in December that will resolve to change the status quo and leave NATO and try Tony Blair for war crimes.

I don’t think the next Prime Minister if it is Boris Johnson, will try a fellow Zionist like Tony Blair – so it will be a case of getting rid of Johnson at the next election and out of office so we can move on as a peaceful law-abiding nation and clear the trash out of politics who seem to always side with the Americans in everything!

We don’t leave out trying David Cameron – another Zionist – for war crimes either. He sent our aircraft and the Royal Navy to destroy Libya and for what reason? None that I can put my finger on but it was at the behest – or COMMAND – of the Americans. 40,00 Libyans died and 100,000 left homeless and jobless!

He also should be tried for war crimes.

We should not be a ‘puppet on a string’ for anybody in the world, we have always in the past been a sovereign nation in command of ourselves, the EUSSR across the Channel has to go! Brexit has to be ensured to keep our sovereingty and democracy on into the future for other generations to come after.

Anyone in Britain who thinks otherwise – should emigrate!